Technical specifications  

               Approxx. capacity


      Hopper capacity: 6000 liters.

        Height: 2,85 meters.

      Front hopper: 3600 liters.

        Width: 3,05 meters.

      Back hopper: 2400 liters.

        Lenght: 6,20 meters.

    Takeoff from the ground: 50 cms.

            Hopper´s weight

                   Tyres size 

     Total weight (empty): 3320 kgrs.

High floating wheels: 18,4 x 26 R3 10 Ply

     Total weight (loaded): 8120 kgrs.


Distribution system: 

American roller distribution system, controlled by ground drive mechanism with electronic clutch. 

Pneumatic system:

Hydraulically driven turbine fan moves seed through six main hoses leading to six boots with ten outputs feeding the furrow openers.


Meter roller options cover full spectrum of seed sizes

A wide range of meter roller designs provide accurate metering and efficient operation for a variety of seed sizes, from the smallest forage seed to the largest bean.

Four-meter roller options 

    • Extra fine: for very small seeds such as alfalfa, grass, canola and grain sorghum at very low rates.

    • Fine: for accurately seeding wheat, barley, oats, flax, millet and applying moderate rates of fertilizer.

    • Coarse: for solid-seeding larger seeds such as peas, beans and applying high rates of fertilizer.

    • Extra coarse: for very large fragile seeds such as large beans and high fertilizer rates