Seeders Model BDS 8000 (25 ft.)
Opcional lines spacing adjustment7,5" inch min. 190 mm. 13" inch max. 330 mm.
Distance from front row to back row1230 mm.
Clearance for transport / Soil320 mm.
Type of row unit and disc sizeSingle disc (18" inch x 5 mm.)
Disc angle7º angle incline.
Weight of each row unit92 kgrs.
Seed boot type (double tube)Seed and fertilizer.
Rubber seed press wheel10" x 1"
Rubber depht control limiter4.5" x 15" open clear
Sowing depth range5 mm. to 100 mm.
Closing wheel adjustmentSimple
Presure of closing wheel settings12 kgrs. to 42 kgrs. 5 position.
Optional wheel closing adjustmentDouble.
Down presure of active hydraulic unit60 kgrs. to 250 kgrs. per row units.
Sowing width7600 mm.
Overall width8100 mm.
Big seed – Box capacity (ltrs.)1950 ltrs.
Fertilizer – Box capacity (ltrs.)1620 ltrs.
Small seed – Box capacity (ltrs.)280 ltrs.
Total capacity (ltrs.)3850 ltrs.
Speed box (1 x seeds – 1 x fertilizer)2 Speed box 54 speed.
Speed box – Small seeds – Pastures1 Speed box 12 speed.
Independent wheel speed control box1 (650 x 16" R1)
Weight (empty)8400 kgrs.
Total weight (loaded)11480 kgrs.
Tyres sizes4 (400/60 x 15.5)
Transport systemLongitude.
Protective canvas coverYes.
Tractor power requirement (4 hp. per row unit)160 HP.
Crop sowing varietyWheat, beans, canola, pastures and fertilizer.

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